Save. Play. Win.

Play for an instant cash prize every time
you add $1 to your savings!
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How it Works

Win Today
Save a buck
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Play a game
Win Win
Win up to $100
Save a buck
Play a game
Win up to $100

What They’re Saying

Making saving sexy.

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"I love WinWin. It’s fun, and keeps me motivated to save every day"
-Sarah, Virginia

WinWin Customer

"Now that I have money saved, I feel free."
-Paul, Nebraska

WinWin Customer

About Us

We all love to win. And we all need to save. Put ‘em together, and you get WinWin. Because everyone deserves peace of mind, and a fun, make-your-day surprise. Our team helped build and grow apps including Stash, Simple, Spotify, ESPN and Capital One. Now we’re using our experience to reward you for saving.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does WinWin work?

    Winning money is a lucky, purely happy little windfall that brings unexpected joy to your day. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience it, and that’s the point of WinWin.

    Just download the app and link your bank. Then, all you have to do is save $1 in your WinWin account and play a fun one-minute game like whack-a-mole or word finder to reveal your prize of up to $100 cash. It’s that simple!

  • What happens to my dollar each time I save to play?

    Each time you save a dollar, it’s transferred from your external bank account into your WinWin savings account, which is held at Wells Fargo. Your money is FDIC insured, and you can transfer it back to your bank account at any time.

    That’s right, you don’t have to pay us for chances to win cash prizes (for now). Right now, we just want to see if you like playing our games.

  • Is there a limit to how many times I can play?

    Each user gets to play up to 25 times every day.

    Yep. You read correctly.


    25 plays a day for 25 times the fun.

  • Are my savings, prize money, and bank account information safe?

    Your money is held in a savings account at Wells Fargo and your funds are FDIC-insured up to a balance of $250,000. WinWin provides advanced safeguards, including 256-bit encryption and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to keep your money and personal information safe and secure.

  • Will I receive interest from my WinWin savings account?

    No, for now. Interest rates are so low right now that big banks pay around 0.01% APY. That means if you save $100 for a year, you’ll earn about one penny of interest. The cost and hassles of sharing fractions of pennies with every WinWin customer every month just aren’t worth it. Plus we think it’s much more exciting to have chances to win prizes.

  • Can I close my WinWin account any time?

    If WinWin is not your jam, no worries. You can close your account any time in the Settings section of the WinWin app. From the Settings page, find the “Profile” section and scroll to the bottom where you’ll see a “Close Account” button. Closing your WinWin account will remove your bank account link, close your account and return any money you had in WinWin back to your linked account.